After working with Italian shoe factories since mid of the eighties, spending about a 100 days a year in the Italian regions Toscana, Marche and Veneto developing shoe collections and selling the collections to Scandinavian customers, the longing of an own brand grew stronger and in 2009 Anneli Jacobsson founded the brand ALBERVILLE combining her love and admiration for Italy and good shoes with the Scandinavian simplicity. ALBERVILLE is named after her two sons Albert & Wilhelm.
Our Designer Anneli

Italy’s shoe industry has long traditions; today it is characterized of a combination of innovative entrepreneurship and skillful craftsmanship. In Italy, making a leather shoe is an art, a piece of handcraft even though it is made in a factory. All ALBERVILLE shoes are made in Tuscany for a reason, or rather, several reasons. We have a long history of working closely with manufacturers around Tuscany. These days, we are like family. We share values and have common goals. We know each other’s wishes and capacity. Together we make design ideas come true with maintained productivity and quality.

All leather that are used to produce ALBERVILLE shoes are tanned in Tuscany following strict European environmental laws. The transport from Italy to Scandinavia is short which means less environmental impact.

ALBERVILLE shoes has a classic expression with a twist.
In all collections – spring/summer and fall/winter there is always a a lace-up
for ladies in a masculine touch for shoes to wear everyday with leather lining and leather outsole or rubber outsole, which insures highly comfortable shoes.
ALBERVILLE shoes also have a range of sneakers, boots, sandals, ballerinas and feminine pumps, always made of the finest qualities and leather lined.
ALBERVILLE shoes has a style and quality that last for a long time which we think is very important.
ALBERVILLE shoes ensures a good quality for a reasonable price.
Designed in Sweden-Made in Italy