Our shoes are handmade of the finest Italian tanned leathers and suede.

To give your ALBERVILLE shoes a long life and lasting beauty, please follow our guidelines below.


New shoes need protection against dirt and wet conditions. Please use protection spray before using your new pair of ALBERVILLE, then they will last longer.

Use appropriate cleaner/conditioner/shoe polish/balm. Certain materials are delicate and requires special care for example suede and nubuck.


The shoes needs to be clean and dry before treating.  Let the shoes dry naturally and slowly away from direct heat. Leather shoes can often take a day to dry out completely from wether rain or natural perspiration. Let the shoes rest a day and alternate with other shoes. Use wooden shoe trees to help to maintain the shape of the shoes as they dry out.

Leather - Brush off dirt with a brush and use a shoe cleaner on a damp piece of cloth to remove stains. Let the shoes dry before treating them with shoe polish.

Treat with a good quality shoe polish in correct color, let dry and brush with a special leather brush until the leather shines. It will make the leather shine, protects and nourishes the leather and recondition the appearance of the shoes.

The shoe polish gives a certain protection against water but use protection spray also to prevent water and other substances from being absorbed into and staining the leather.

Suede & Nubuck - Use a special brush for suede and a crepe brush for nubuck.

Use special cleaners for suede and nubuck to remove stains.

Treat with special suede/nubuck- leather balm that restores and protects the suede/nubuck. Afterwards rug the surface with a suede/nubuck brush.

Use a special suede/nubuck protection spray to protect the suede/nubuck from water. Let dry. Rug the surface with a suede/nubuck brush. Repeat for a better protection.

Leather soles

Leather soles are extremely comfortable as they get more comfortable when used but they will expand when wet. Avoid wet conditions. In the event that your soles do become very wet, let the shoes dry out slowly and naturally, away from direct heat (i.e. radiators).

The leather soles are made of vegetable dyed leather. To make them last longer, let a professional shoemaker attach a thin rubbersole and change when worn out.

Use dustbag when you store your ALBERVILLE shoes for the season or when traveling, It keeps them protected.

When stepping in and out of your shoes, open the buckle or the laces to make it last, also use shoehorn to increase the life of the heel counter.

Check list:

  • Let your ALBERVILLE shoes rest on the shoe trees between wearing
  • Use a shoehorn to put on your shoes
  • Exotic skins like snake-printed leather need extra care – use special cleaners and conditioners
  • Use water and stain repellant on suede and nubuck shoes before you wear them, when water stops beading up, respray
  • clean the shoes by brushing of dirt and/or with a leather cleaner
  • Condition the leather to soften. Use a cream a shade lighter than the shoe to cover scratches
  • Use paste, wax or cream shoe polish to shine your shoes
  • Store your shoes in a dust bag